Google's Potential AI Writing Tool Unveiled A Game-Changer for ChromeOS Users
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Google announced plans for AI integration throughout its products and services at its I/O 2023 event. Gmail, Docs, and Slides have already received AI-powered upgrades.

Speculation is that an AI writing and editing feature for Chromebooks is on the way.

A recent 9to5mac report reveals Google’s project under numerous codenames, including Orca, Mako, and Manta.

Among these, Orca is projected to show in the right-click menu on ChromeOS, primarily while editing text.

This project tries to keep the style, vocabulary, and structure constant for a consistent user experience.

Orca will display the Mako user interface in a floating bubble on your screen after you select it. The report made mention of this.

What’s the Role of Mako in ChromeOS?

Using code, the study stated that Mako can ask for rewrites of specified text parts, provide a set of pre-defined text queries, and put the rewritten text where you were typing originally.

According to the article, the AI rewriting process does not take place on your local PC.

Manta instead sends your original text and prompt to Google’s servers, which then return the augmented AI version.

It is vital to highlight that before this procedure can begin, users must accept and provide consent.

Furthermore, once generative AI becomes a standard feature of ChromeOS, it will be possible to use it to improve text in nearly any application.

Although the specific release date is unknown, the functionality could appear with ChromeOS version 118, which is scheduled around mid-October.

Microsoft Already Introduced Windows Copilot

Microsoft debuted Copilot for Windows earlier this year, a feature similar to Bing Chat.

This useful feature aids users in their daily operations, such as entering dark mode or fast searching for content via a convenient sidebar that is always available.

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