Apple may give iPhone users $65: Checkout why And Eligibility
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In 2020, Apple agreed to pay roughly $500 million to resolve a class-action lawsuit.

This complaint claimed that the Cupertino-based computer behemoth had participated in one of the largest consumer scams ever.

According to the lawsuit, the corporation secretly slowed down the performance of select iPhone models to address battery and processor difficulties.

Following the litigation, a Silicon Valley article stated that a judge has finally given the go-ahead for payments in this legal dispute.

People who bought previous iPhone models who accused Apple are expected to receive around $65 each.

Why the $65 settlement was delayed By Apple

Apple agreed to provide the administrator with the names and contact information of people who owned or leased specific iPhones.

Remember, the claim deadline was October 6, 2020.

Recently, two iPhone users who were dissatisfied with the bargain attempted to modify things in a US court.

They wanted to get the accord over the finish line.

According to Tyson Redenbarger, an iPhone owner’s lawyer, there are currently roughly 3 million claims.

According to the most recent estimates, people could receive around $65 each.

However, Apple claims it did nothing wrong.

They have agreed to pay $310 million out of the $500 million total.

The actual payout is determined by the number of claims that are authorised.

As Redenbarger noted, some are still being checked.

Eligible iPhone Models And Users To Get The Compensation

Before December 21, 2017, eligible phones include the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and SE running iOS 10.2.1 or later.

Before the indicated date, this list also contains iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones running iOS 11.2 or later.

According to the lawsuit, some customers reported that their phones were shutting down even while the batteries were charged to more than 30%.
Apple attempted to resolve the issue with a software update.

The lawsuit, on the other hand, argued that the update simply throttled device performance to reduce the number of shutdowns.

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